I went flying the other day, and was able to take this incredible picture.  What the viewer can’t tell from the image is how afraid I was when we were up in the air.   Now, I don’t think I am especially afraid of heights, so the thought of being suspended in the air didn’t cross my mind as much as it would have for someone else.  However, when I imagined the distance between myself and the very hard, unforgiving ground, my confidence wavered slightly.   Even while in flight I thought about how strange it is that I was only afraid when I actually thought about the situation.  Thinking about this made me realize a lot.  I have a wonderful life!  I have so many great friends and have had amazing experiences in my life that others have not, like flying in an airplane.  However, even knowing how wonderful my life is, I can easily overthink and become terrified by the events in my life and convince myself that everything is terrible and nothing is right.  I know that I am not alone, because my friends and I all experience this in a range of levels.  So this makes me think.  If humans are the dominant species and are able to control all of the world, then how come I, a human, only become frightened as a result of overthinking.  Is it that because we have nothing else to be afraid of that we make up things to feel balanced?   There are so many other people in the world that do not have what I have, and to them this seems pathetic.  And to be honest it is.  However when I have these thoughts and fears, it does not feel small or pathetic at all.  Why do some humans feel this way?  Why do we make things seem much worse than they are?


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