When reading this article and watching the video I was shocked with what I saw!  The video shows the extent of how much produce, mainly milk, is wasted each year in the US.  First of all, I agree with the interviewees in the way that the expiration and sell by dates are very confusing.  I have never fully understood those, and am thankful that it was cleared up for me.  What I am not thankful for is how much milk some states allow to be wasted.  Even if science says that the milk will be good for another week or two, the stores will still dump it out!  Because of situations similar to this, 40% of food in the US is wasted.  Seeing this disgusted me, but it also inspired me to be more aware of how much food I take, and how much I waste.  I will surely be more conscious now.


Picture credit to:  The Altruistic Food Waste Revolution Is Now


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