Love Always Prevails

About a year ago I got my two guinea pigs.  I have yet to experience something that makes me happier than my guinea pigs.  However, some things make me wonder if we are truly a good match, the three of us.  First of all, I have discovered that I am allergic to my pigs.  People often tell me that I should just get rid of them because they make me sick.  How would they know?  My guinea pigs are my happiness, would they give up the thing that makes them the happiest?  Another factor is that my parents despise these furry bundles of joy.  I cannot tell you why, but that has dampened my happiness with them because I am constantly being reminded of my parent’s disapproval.  Along with this, I am a very busy person.  My pigs have recently acquired ringworm and to treat this I have to put cream on them every night.  Although I will always help and support them through anything, this daily endeavor causes less sleep for me.  I know that I am going to college soon and that at that point I won’t have an option to keep them, but should I wait that long?  Would you be willing to give up the love of your life if all odds were against it?


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