ConSEALing the Monotony

As I was cramming to finish my physics homework this past week, I came across something rather amusing.  We are learning about pendulums, and how weight, the spring constant of the material connecting the two objects, gravity, and the length of the spring can affect the period of time it takes to make one rotation. Sounds rather complicated, yes?  One practice problem that came up had the subject of a three ton seal.  In this situation, the seal was placed on a scale.  For an unknown reason, the scale began to move in a circular motion and from the information given the goal was to find the period of the scale.  I thought this question was hilarious.  To think about a seal as big as three tons already caused some questions to brew in my mind.  Then, to think about a seal being weighed, and having to find the period of rotation out of all things made me lose it.  I can imagine a physicist becoming bored with their job, and coming up with the most obscure question to amuse them self.  I related to that question so much.  At school, sometimes the work that we do is a little monotonous.  The only way to keep your sanity in those situations is to use your creativity and humor.  Often my friends and I will joke about a lesson and try to apply it to our life in a creative, and very impractical way.  Although I am not sure if that makes us less sane or not, I am sure that reading a question about a fat seal brightened my day exponentially.  

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