Who is Dividing Who?

While reading this article there were a lot of thoughts going through my head.  Shia LaBouf had created an exhibit which empowered the people of America to maintain the peace in our free country.  However, there was much controversy over the seemingly harmless phrase, “He will not divide us.”  I have noticed that many actors and famous stars are speaking out about how they view the political world.  Maybe I have always been too young to realize until now, but I have never seen this much talk before about politics from unsuspecting people.  Are famous people speaking out more, or is it just me?

Although I do enjoy hearing the opinion of others, I despise the thought of violence is any part of the world.  So this makes me pose the question: Was Shia LeBouf intending to create chaos by making the political statement?  If not, what intent did he have?  I also wonder why white supremacists are taking offense to the piece of work.   Everyone knows that, no matter who you are, certain people are not going to like you.   It seems to me that LeBouf is just trying to tell his followers to keep the peace, and even though they don’t like the president, that he is not someone that should cause us to have a civil war.  Initially I thought this was a peaceful thing among all of the hate that has been going on, but I suppose I just do not always know what is going on, or what the right reaction is.


 picture credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images


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