No Challenge is to Great. Unless You Mean Spelling…

Upon reading this article about Donald Trump’s less-than-par spelling, I was completely shocked on how something like this isn’t all over the news.  I am a person who is fluent in interpreting and examining social media sites, and to read about this article through school before seeing it on the evasive and expansive internet stunned me.  The sites that I look at are filled with liberals who look for every chance they can get to target Mr. Trump, so you could imagine my surprise.

As our president, Donald Trump has upset many people.  Although he is no demon, he still has done and said very harmful things that has upset millions of American people.  A person would think that after everything he has done, and how little support he is receiving from the average American person, he would try to do everything in his power to prove himself and show the people that their loyalty can be put in his small hands.  However, the correct grammar is still not always being conveyed throughout our government leaders, and this is scaring many leaders.  If you can’t properly proofread your own works, at least have a professional do it for you.  You are the president of the United States for crying out loud, the American people are practically at your fingertips.


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