A Brief Reflection

The type of SQUID posts I have used most, are the delight/despise posts.  I have noticed that I generally tend to gravitate towards being surprised with things around me, but the majority of my posts are about my friends, and the effect they have on me.  I notice that as I write these posts, I typically discuss how the things that happen to me make me feel.  When writing about my friends, the feelings I feel are quite diverse and unique each time.

As you can see, I find writing about a certain reaction to be most enjoyable…


When posting, I rarely chose the same tag to post twice, since all of my posts differ from each other.  However, what I have posted twice about is the tag “best friends” so that does show that I talk about my best friends more than anything.  This is reasonable for me, though; my friends are a big aspect of my daily life.


One of my favorite posts that I have made is this awesome post about Fisher, my best friend’s dog.  In the post, I questioned what dogs think about on a daily basis.  Although I do not have a pup, I think about them all of the time.  I do, however, have guinea pigs, and when I have been wondering about how dogs think, I have broadened my questions as to see how guinea pigs, and any animal for that matter, think.  I would like to believe that dogs only think about calming and fun things, and that they deeply love their owners.  Alas, I do not know the truth, but I am not convinced that this is the case.  Will we ever know?



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