The featured image is a picture of my friend and I playing on our phones.  We enjoy messing around and laughing at how our faces distort from Snapchat filters.  After watching the video of the man on Tedtalks saying that electronics have ruined our childhoods and our playing habits, I was very surprised.  I do know what real playing is, because when I was little no one could play with their cell phones.  So I would exercise and build on my social skills.  Thinking on it, I do realize how the internet will change the things that we think about most, like our fitness and social skills.  In the video the man also talked about how school was creating more depressed and anxious children.  I am a direct consequence of that, and I see it all around me as well.  School has just become about resume building, but I was shocked hearing it from someone who has made statistics for it.  I hope that in the future our adults will realize that pushing kids to their breaking point is not how you get them to go to college. 


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