Adventure Awaits!

The featured image is a picture of my best friend and me at Universal Studios.  Maggie and I have been best friends since third grade, and we do most things together as a result.  She had known that I had never been to Universal Studios but that I had always wanted, and so she surprised me for my birthday.  She bought us both tickets and we spent the entire weekend together whether it was at the park or not.  It was truly a marvelous experience, and the fact that Maggie had gone through so much to make it happen made me feel so loved.  I’m not sure how many people can genuinely say that their dream is to go to Universal Studios, but it was mine.  I don’t want to say that it shocked me when Maggie said she got us tickets, but it did.  Our trip was filled with so much laughter and fun that I don’t think I could ever forget that day.  I realized that it wasn’t such a joy that I went to Universal Studios in the first place, but that I was able to go with my best friend.


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