A Trip Down Memory Lane

Over the Thanksgiving break I interviewed my mom about her first house and her family.  While listening to the stories she told, I was able to remember those stories that she told me when I was younger, that I had forgotten.  Also, I learned things about my mom that I had not known.  It was really nice for me to learn things about her that I might not have.  At one point my mom describes her parents as being hard-working and honest.  I am easily able to connect that to my life because my parents work very hard so that they can support their family, just like my mom’s parents did to her.  Also,  just as her mom helped a lot during her schooling career, my mom has done so for me.  Although my mom was not a stay at home mom like her mom before her, they both put their family as top priority and because of that, I know that I will be able to do the same for my kids.


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