The way that I interpret this poem is that you can only fully understand something if you don’t look at it from someone else’s point of view.  One needs to look at it from their point of view.  However, I have not come to the conclusion that this is the only way to look at this poem.  For example, why are the greats wearing blindfolds to begin with?  Is this implying that great people do not always see things clearly? And is that implying for the rest of the story that nothing is perfect and that nothing really matters?  Maybe.  When the poet refers to the “solidarity confinement of the universe,” is that what she is really talking about?  Or is it some metaphorical meaning and there is not talk of the universe at all?  And if that is the case, then what is the significance of the clock in the poem?  At first, this poem seemed relatively easy to understand, but after further thought I think that I have only depicted one meaning.


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