I am not an easy person to spend time with.  I believe that on the surface, I am a manageable person, but when someone spends a lot of time with me they realize that there is a lot more personality behind my kind mask.  The girls in my picture have been best friends of mine for at least four years.  How they managed to deal with me is a mystery I will probably never solve.  In this picture, though, we were actually somewhere in San Fransisco because we went on a road trip.  The trip was filled with lots of petty arguments and disagreements, as you might imagine.  We had stopped on the beach and when the person taking the picture told us to smile and hug each other, I started to wonder why these lovely people were hugging me: the crankiest and pettiest of all.  This picture was taken over a year ago, and I still wonder daily why they continue to eat lunch with me and hangout with me after school.  Does my particular type of annoying appeal to them?  Do they like getting into arguments that they don’t start? The only conclusion that I have come to is that we are actually biological twins lost at birth and they just instinctively stay with me because they have a gut feeling that they should. 


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