Mind of Dogs

Last night I spent the night at my friend Maggie’s house.  She has a dog who I have known since he was a baby.  His name is Fisher and he is basically a better friend than Maggie is.  We spend so much time together and love on each other so much, we might as well be dating.  Anyways, when I left her house this morning I was informed that Fisher missed me a lot and had been depressed the rest of the morning.  This picture was sent as documentation to show the sadness that he expressed upon my departure.  Even though I am rarely at Maggie’s house do to the distance between us and our busy schedules, is it possible that he loves me more than her and her family?  Is it possible that because I show so much affection towards him, he thinks of me as his owner and best friend more so than his actual family?  These questions may never be answered, but I will continue to believe that I have made a special impact on Fisher’s life, and that we will stay best friends forever.


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