Friends? Or Enemies?

The person on the left of this picture is someone who I spend a lot of time with.  Some consider us friends, but our “friendship” is rather complicated.  We share jokes with each other, but they are at each other’s expense.  We hangout on most weekends, but we always end up at the end of the day with bruises because we hit each other.  The weird thing is, that we never get into fights.  We never argue, but we always make fun of each other.  So this leads me to think that we are not friends, and we are actually enemies.  Enemies don’t necessarily fight, they are just in a constant war with each other, and that is exactly how Maggie and I act towards one another.  We do enjoy spending time together, though, so that prompts me to think that we are friends instead of enemies.  I wonder what the difference is between friendship and constant conflict.  Is there anyone else who has this same confusing relationship with someone else, just as I?


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