Why I Write

Doing an activity in class about writing caused me to think deeply about why I write.  After thinking long and hard, I came up with many conclusions.  I want to write because, as vain as it sounds, I want to impress my readers.  I want people to think that I am intellectual because I continuously feel the need to prove myself.  After feeling guilty from thinking this, I knew something had to change.  Why do I always feel this need to validate myself, and what does it reveal about me as a person?  I want to know if others share this feeling.  Do they think that it is wrong, as I do?  Becoming confident and changing your entire personality does not happen in one night.  Do people actually put thought and effort into trying to be less dependent?  I know that I won’t change this week, and I probably won’t honestly feel like I don’t have to impress people for years.  This is a goal that I have come up with: to write for myself.  I want to write my life for myself and for no one else.  The question is, though, how do I do it?


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