Sinless and Superb and Slithery Snake

On one occasion I had the pleasure of spending an hour with an incredibly underrated creature.  The snake is a marvelous creation.  Most large living things (aside from plants) on Earth have at least two legs.  In case this concept is unacquainted to you, snakes actually have NO legs.  They get around by wiggling their body in a strategic way that gets them from point A to point B.  This is not a disadvantage to them, however.  Most humans, who are the rulers of Earth, are utterly afraid of snakes.   I understand that they have poisonous venom, but that is a compensation for what they don’t have.  Limbs.   You are probably using your appendages right now to read this.  It shocks me that even if they wanted to, snaked couldn’t do half of the stuff that we do, yet they have survived for thousands of years on this planet.  They get enough food and water, and they sure get respect from me.


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