Inspiration Machine

My friend Danielle is an excellent role model, not only to me, but to everyone around her.   This year for her Girl Scout Gold Award she started a club at our high school called Fit for Life.  In this club, every other week she gives presentations on different topics to combat depression and anxiety, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle by eating healthily and exercising routinely.  Only a perfect person would genuinely want to teach and help people as much as she does.  For this reason I have looked up to her my whole life.  However, at one of these meetings, she talked about mistakes being very important to reach success.  She talked about famous people and how they have all made mistakes and then went on to explain some mistakes that she has made.  When I heard this, I was dumbfounded.  What do you mean, Danielle has made mistakes? Danielle is perfect, you must have heard incorrectly.  After I realized that she actually said that, I started thinking more.  Because Danielle has made mistakes, and has found an appropriate way for her to cope with these, she is even more of a perfect person.  Everyone makes mistakes, but it is your job to come to the conclusion that everything will be okay in the end, and to learn from what you did wrong.  After I had these thoughts I got even more jealous because she had just taught me one of the most important life lessons, without hardly trying.


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